If You are a Sales Manager (or Want to Be One)

“You'll Perform Better and More Efficiently
and Reap the Rewards that Follow!”

Changing Times Call for New Measures in Sales Training and
the 15-Minute Sales Workout™ Delivers

Improved Confidence and Competence
Increased Client Acquisition and Customer Retention
More Consistent Sales Results

From the Desk of Scott Frothingham

As a business coach, every day I see sales teams struggling to hit goal and sales managers so overloaded that they don't have time or resources to train their team to maximize results.

Sales managers in all size businesses have told me again and again that there is a great need for customized sales training ... but ... there's a problem ...

The "UGLY TRUTH" is that the typical options for sales training just aren't
cutting it with today's lean and mean sales organizations

Ugly Truth #1

From expensive sales training companies to business books and trade publications, there are a variety of structured programs available that teach skills. However, they are often generic and so structured that they are difficult to customize to the specific needs of a particular sales force or to the style of a particular sales manager.

Ugly Truth #2

Taking a salesperson off the street for a 1 or 2 day seminar not only cuts down the actual selling time that salesperson has, but intensive "event" training like this tends to quickly "wear off".


Yes, they enjoy the course and leave energized with great intentions and a list of things to do differently when they get back at work. But they come back to two days’ worth of unanswered e-mails and voice-mail messages, paperwork and proposal deadlines to meet. Before they even get a chance to stop and think about the training, a couple of weeks have passed by ... and the opportunity for change and improvement has been lost.

Ugly Truth #3

Training involving outside speakers, online products, DVD's and audio are not only large, complicated, unwieldy and expensive, but also they position someone outside the company as the “expert” … and conducting individualized follow-up, if available, generally incurs large additional fees.

Ugly Truth #4

Formal training is often led by someone who is out-of-touch with today's selling environment ... they've been behind the podium, not on the street. Even if the information is good, salespeople tune out the training.


A simple solution is to have the sales manager
develop training for his or her team,
but who has the time?

Directing and managing salespeople is immensely time-intensive. Recruiting, hiring and firing sales personnel requires more time than ever before. Even with greater portability and flexibility of communications and immediate access to databases and contact management programs, the job of juggling customers, customer lists and leads demands increasingly more attention and time. Add to that customer service issues and client contact and it’s a wonder a sales manager can be proactive toward any long-term project such as customized staff training.


The majority of sales managers indicate that skills training is imperative to their success and that they would initiate more education with their salespeople if they had a quicker, simpler and less expensive means of effective training.


"Changing Times Call for
New Measures in Sales Training and

the 15-Minute Sales Workout Delivers!" The 15-Minute Sales Workout


The 15-Minute Sales Workout is a collection of 52 simple, effective, and easy-to-customize seminars that have been developed to eliminate these frustrations. Now a busy sales manager can position him or herself as the training expert with a customized, skill-sharpening training program that takes minimal time to prepare and execute.


And the 15-Minute Workout is incredibly effective.

  • The workbook is designed to engage the participant in both passive and active roles with essential skills training

  • The materials are designed to lock in key points by involving the participant on a multi-sensory level (sight and sound)

  • By training in small batches, more is retained ... just like in fitness training, you're better off training 1/2 hour a day 3 days a week for a month than having a monthly 6 hour session.

  • The workbook includes subtle clues and guidance for interaction and deeper thought for a higher level of acceptance, understanding and adoption of the skills

  • Each workout demands a commitment to use the skills

Yes, it can be entertaining, but this is a real "workout"
designed to train and to improve execution in the field.


"As an educator, I have found these 15-Minute Sales Workout mini-seminars unique in how they engage salespeople in an interactive process of skills training that ties concepts to performance in the field."

Pete Reader, Chair
Department of Communication
Seton Hall University

Improve Confidence and Competence
Increase Client Acquisition and Customer Retention
Produce More Consistent Sales Results

Sales training is a process - not an event, and now you have the ability to prepare and execute on-going weekly sales training in a fraction of the time it's taken in the past. Just about everything has been done for you!

"It’s a real time saver. It would easily take an hour or more to prep a session that The 15-Minute Sales Workout provides in minutes."

Eric Henry
CM Partners

"Great turn-key training system, perfect for rookies and a great refresher for pros, guaranteed to pay for itself with one new sale."

Joel Weiss

Which of These Frustrating Sales Training Problems
Do You Most Want to Solve?

The 15-Minute Sales WorkoutToo Busy?There's only one of you, and you've got a lot of other demands on your time. With the 15-Minute Sales Workout, you can streamline this incredibly important (frustrating and time-consuming) responsibility.

The 15-Minute Sales WorkoutTight Budget? No Budget? Overcome budget restraints with a low-cost, high-value resource: The 15-Minute Sales Workout.

The 15-Minute Sales WorkoutNeed to Look Good? There's always a lot at stake when you're responsible for your company’s sales. Your people (and your boss) look to you for professionalism and leadership. Here's your chance to shine -- with The 15-Minute Sales Workout.


The 15-Minute Sales WorkoutNo Staff? Wouldn't it be nice to have someone on staff you could turn this over to and know it would be done correctly? If not, The 15-Minute Sales Workout is your best solution.


The 15-Minute Sales WorkoutFeeling Pressured by a Deadline? No doubt you've got a lot of other responsibilities, too. Eliminate the time pressures, frustrations and headaches now with The15-Minute Sales Workout.


The 15-Minute Sales WorkoutLack of Creativity? You've got a lot of talents and strengths but everyone sometimes needs a reliable resource to jumpstart their creativity. The 15-Minute Sales Workout will be your inspiration.


The 15-Minute Sales WorkoutInexperienced? Never had to train and educate a sales team before? The 15-Minute Sales Workout lets you tap into the experience of the developer of hundreds of successful training programs, seminars and retreats.


The 15-Minute Sales WorkoutYour Boss Has High Expectations? Your level of success reflects on your boss, too, and that can create a lot of pressure on you to come through. Make it easy on yourself and get The 15-Minute Sales Workout.


The 15-Minute Sales WorkoutYou Absolutely Must Succeed? Simply put, there's a lot riding on this and you've got several reasons why you must succeed at a high level. You can't go wrong by ordering the The 15-Minute Sales Workout.


“Out of all the sales motivational tapes and sessions I have experienced, the 15 Minute Sales Workout is without question the best investment I have ever made. For the price of one good training session you get a full year’s worth of quality education and motivation.”

Randy Cogar
Cogar Printing, Inc.

"Instantly Download the Complete Set of
52 highly Effective, Totally Scripted
Sales Training Seminars, Now!"

 Equip and Empower Your Sales Team
with the Essential Back-to-Basics Selling Skills
of the Weekly 15-Minute Sales Workout

To yield consistent sales results you need ongoing sales training, not just a quick fix; real improvement requires a process. And, that’s what you get with the 15-Minute Sales Workout: a system designed to equip you and your team with practical selling skills and proven tactics to close more sales. Invest today.

The 15-Minute Sales Workout is designed to:

  • sharpen the sales skills of people who sell for a living
  • save a sales manager time in customizing sales training
  • position the sales manager as a training “expert”

Your 15-Minute Workout Contains
52 Fully Scripted Mini-Seminars

This system is designed to introduce or polish basic skills and is divided into four fundamental skill sets: Sales Skills, Communication Skills, Time Management and Personal Growth.

Each of these categories has a number of specific topics, each broken into a seven step, 15-minute mini-seminar “workout” featuring a seminar leader script and a seminar participant worksheet.

These mini-seminars are designed with flexibility in mind and are easily customized to a specific sales team, management style, product, service, competitive situation and marketplace.

15-Minute Workout Titles Include:

7 Time Traps

7 Big Sales Mistakes

7 Ways to Ask Questions Effectively

7 Steps to Qualify a Prospect

7 Biggest Buying Fears of People with Whom Salespeople Deal

7 Basic Negotiation Tactics

7 Steps to Selling Value

7 Ways We Communicate Nonverbally

7 Ways to Use the Telephone More Effectively

7 Ways to Protect Yourself from Interruptions

7 Traits of Successful Salespeople

7 Ways to Handle Criticism

7 Ways to Resolve Disagreements

7 Pieces of Information to Gather While Cold Calling

7 Prospecting Sources

7 Ways to Get Around a Screener

7 Strategies for Getting People to Listen to You

7 Techniques to Become a Better Listener

7 Ways to Make Your Letters More Persuasive

7 Ways to Increase Efficiency

7 Ways to Prevent Procrastination

7 Characteristics of Effective Goals

7 Steps for Stress Reduction

7 Networking Strategies

7 Biggest Service Worries of People Who Deal with Salespeople

7 Ways to Build Credibility with a Client

... and that’s just ½ of the 52 mini-seminar workouts covering
365 strategies and tactics essential to be successful in sales.

"So, W
hat's All This Gonna Cost Me?"

Typically, those 1-day seminars -- in which you join a whole bunch of other companies for group training -- can set you back upwards $249 per person.

You're going to pay near that for The 15-Minute Sales Workout.

You're not going to pay $200 or even $150.

Given this economy and the fact that I want to give you such a great value that you buy more of our products and recommend FastForwardIncome.com to your friends, family and business colleages, you not even going to pay $100.

For today, , you'll invest only $97 for all fifty-two 15-Minute Workout mini-seminars.

Over a Year’s Worth of Weekly Sales Training for Less than 2-bucks a week!
You won’t find any similar product that will give you a better return on investment than
15-Minute Sales Workout!


But Wait! That's Not All!

When you purchase the 15-Minute Sales Workout today,
you recieve a
BONUS of 8 additional
highly effective, totally scripted mini-seminars.

That's 15% more content for no additional investment
a total of 60 weeks of training to

Improve Confidence and Competence
Increase Client Acquisition and Customer Retention
Produce More Consistent Sales Results

Get 60 Weeks of Effective Sales Training for $97!
What are you waiting for?


"A very powerful program with very little 'fluff'; The 15-Minute Sales Workout can be immediately added to your sales arsenal.

Andre Hollis
Tiger International Advisors

"The material contained in this program is valuable for both novice and seasoned selling professionals. The proven tactics are easy to understand and should provide a boost to your efforts to generate sales revenue

Neville R. Waters III
The Waters Group

“Your Investment Is Secured With My 100%
Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee!”


60 Day Money Back GuaranteeTry 15-Minute Sales Workout Risk Free for 60 Days. If you aren't 100% happy, just let me know and I'll refund every penny you paid!

I have always measured our success based upon customer satisfaction. If you’re not happy with 15-Minute Sales Workout, I don’t expect -- or want -- to keep your money. In fact I’d be embarrassed to keep it. You, as a long-term customer (and advocate for our other products and services), are far more important to me than your money is. I've got money; I can replace any money I lose. But, I can't replace YOU!


Nothing could be easier than getting started with the The 15-Minute Sales Workout
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Scott Froth

To Your Success,Froth

Think about it ... for less than $2 each week you'll have all the benefits of over a year's worth of highly effective, fully scripted sales training seminars that will
sharpen sales skills, save time and position you as the expert.
You spend more than that for a large coffee at the corner cafe ... is it too much to invest in your business success?
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