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About Scott Frothingham

Success Coach Scott FrothginghamAlthough he started his career as a radio personality, Scott Frothingham’s primary career focus has been sales and marketing. He has hands-on experience in a variety of situations from local

"Scott Frothingham is more than an accomplished student of sales and marketing; he also has deep hands-on experience in the field. His “real world" strategies and tactics can be used to increase target customer bases, generate sales and build profits. If you’re in a competitive environment and need to build your bottom line, you most definitely want him on your team."

Meyer Baron,
1 Smart Puppy

retail to regional media to national promotions. As an entrepreneur and active partner in four thriving businesses, Scott is very much involved in the daily operation of business and sales management, marketing and promotions; so his advice is fresh, timely and based on answering the needs of business people and business organizations need to grow in the current economic climate.

Probably best known for The 15-minute Sales Workout, Scott has a full line of FastForward Income™ products that help entrepreneurs, managers and sales/marketing executives position themselves for success through skills training and personal development -- along with providing tools for effectively and efficiently training and motivating their teams. Because of his keen business sense and ability to analyze and develop successful sales and marketing organizations. Scott is also sought after as a speaker, seminar leader, business consultant and business coach 

"Scott Frothingham's strategic insights are invaluable. His tactical recommendations are realistic, actionable and get results. His ability to work with all levels of our organization from ownership to hourly staffers has helped us realize many business goals faster than we could have hoped to without him. We rely on his ability to couple strategy with day-to-day sales, marketing and customer service activities."

Mark Wright, Acadia Windows & Doors

Scott’s training, coaching,
consulting, promotional and speaking skills have been put to use locally, regionally and nationally and for such organizations as Gannett, Walgreens, the Cleveland Indians and Entercom. Based in the Washington, DC area, Scott has been responsible for FastForwarding Income in markets as small as Fort Myers, FL and Cape Cod, MA; as large as San Francisco, CA and Chicago, IL and as international as Beirut, Lebanon.

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